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Another 2.2 lost!

Week 2 weigh-in completed!

-2.2 lbs.

Past my first 5 lbs mark. Hip hip hooray!

Week 2 was scary for me, but I strongly believe the last 3 nights of an hour of Zumba really helped me out. Onwards and upwards, kitty-cats!

SW: 196

CW: 190.4

Total Loss: -5.6 lbs

Is this real life?

Actually cancelled plans last night so that I could go Zumba instead.

I couldn’t stand the idea of not having a chance to burn the calories all day.

What the What?!?

Progression in Pictures

Towards the end of the day yesterday, I could not stop thinking about how much time it has taken me to gain this weight. I was trying to pinpoint exactly when it was that the gaining started. Looking for some sort of Ah-Ha-moment as to why this all happened in the first place, I guess.

I started going through old photos, and figured I would post some here. Both highs and lows, with dates etc. If I’m going to keep up with both my weight loss and this blog, I figure holding myself accountable for the way I look is necessary.

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Avoiding the box of Dunkin Donuts munchkins on my co-worker’s desk like it’s my JOB.


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I just had the most delicious lunch ever in the history of evers.

If you live in the city, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Energy Kitchen. ( ) I find they have great sized portions and clean foods fast. I enjoy their Turkey burgers (9 pp), Kitchen Chopped salad (6 pp), and I just had their grilled salmon with sides of brown rice and asparagus/grape tomato salad.

salmon: 7 pp

brown rice: 4 pp

asparagus, raw onion, and tomato salad: 1 pp

Total : 12 PP

First of all, I haven’t been this full since Thanksgiving. Seriously, you could roll me outta this office today. I’m not complaining though! If I’m going to order in a nice lunch, I don’t want to be hungry afterwards. And it’s not a debilitating full. You know the kind I mean.

Secondly, everything from Energy Kitchen just tastes so CLEAN! And Fresh. So fresh and so clean-clean. It’s hard to find restaurants in Midtown Manhattan that deliver AND happen to be good for you. So Energy Kitchen is a REAL go to these days.

My only regret is not taking a picture of it before I plowed into it. It was so pretty too!